Bogue Creek Festival returning


The Bogue Creek Festival is coming back again this year.

Last year, the Duck Hill Lions Club almost hung it up, and it was announced that the festival was coming to an end because members were getting older and it was too much to handle.

However, the festival is coming back and this year, thanks to the the board members of the Red Hill Volunteer Fire Department partnering up with the Duck Hill Lions Club. 

Miranda Dean said they learned that members of the Lions Club wanted to give up the festival or recruit someone to help them, so members of the Red Hill Volunteer Fire Department reached out to them. She said one of the members told them they wanted someone to help them with the festival.

“She said everybody’s getting older, and they couldn’t handle it themselves anymore. They either wanted to let someone else do it or go in with someone.”

Dean said at the same time, members of the Alva-Red Hill community got together and decided they wanted to establish their own volunteer fire department. Dean said now if something happens, the Duck Hill Fire Department responds to the community, which is nine miles from Duck Hill.

“We started raising money for the department in April. We had the land donated for the location of the department by Mike Felker. It’s been a slow process,” she said. “We’re hoping that our supervisor out here can help us get a grant. I think we’ll do better with a grant.”

In the meantime, the group is still doing fundraisers and decided to go in with the Lions Club. Dean said the two groups agreed to split the profit 50/50.

“We have a few younger people who will be really good to help out with the festival,” Dean said.

She said as word began to get out that the festival was coming back, many jumped on board. Dean said they have several new vendors this year.

The Lions Club raised money off of the vendors, Dean said.  The booth fee is $30 without electricity and $40 with electricity. She said at the stage, signs are posted of those who wish to have their business logo displayed around the stage.

“It’s a 3 x 5 foot sign that’s going to be in front of the state, and it is $100 each. We also have a form they can fill out if they want to do it,” Dean said.

She said this is the first time they’ve helped with a festival of this size, and she’s nervous but knows it’s going to turn out well.

Dean said there will also be pony and horse rides.

“There are new food vendors are coming, someone selling Paparazzi jewelry. Several candidates running for office will speak. It won’t be a rally, but they’ll get a chance to speak. We’re going to open with prayer, and after that, whoever wants to get up and speak who is running for office around here, can. Then, we’re going to start the entertainment after that. They’ll be entertainment the whole day. Seven new people coming to sing so far. “

She said the Red Hill Volunteer Fire Department has done several fundraisers, but this one is one of their biggest.

“We’ve done at least four. We’ve done a Donut fundraiser, we had a Cedar chest donated. We just did one raffling off boat seats. We’ve did cooking at Unity Baptist Church, that did really well.”

Dean said the volunteer fire department meets every other Tuesday night at 6 at Unity Baptist Church. For more information about the Bogue Creek Festival or the Red Hill Volunteer Fire Department, call Dean at 662-552-7878.


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