Walker seeking re-election


Sheriff Clint Walker has announced his candidacy for re-election to the office of Carroll County Sheriff. Elected in 2015, Walker has worked hard to keep and even exceed the pledges he made during his campaign. 

“The safety and security of the citizens and businesses of Carroll County is my top priority as your sheriff,” Walker said.  “Our department is one that you can be proud of as you interact with our deputies in the community. We have worked hard to make our sheriff’s department one that is highly visible, well-equipped, and highly-trained, while being respectful and professional servants to the good people of Carroll County.”

After being elected, Walker was shocked at the condition of the equipment, and how little of it there was. Walker credits the generosity and goodwill of the citizens and businesses with helping to outfit, train, and equip his deputies. He established the “Officer Safety Fund” and asked the public for voluntary donations to help bring the department up to a level that would ensure officer safety and effectiveness. 

The response was overwhelming. Nearly $100,000 has been donated, which has allowed the department to buy the much-needed equipment and gain training, which would otherwise have been impossible. 

Walker also recognized the importance of maintaining a bigger presence within the county.  He began utilizing part-time and reserve deputies to help provide better and faster response county-wide, and to overcome budget constraints in hiring.  The sheriff’s department also secured grants to purchase two new patrol units, and received three more through the generous donations of other agencies.  The high visibility of well-marked patrol units helps to deter crime, and the replacement of the aging fleet has also lowered maintenance costs.

More manpower and faster response times have been crucial in resolving many crimes.  Since January 2016, the Carroll County Sheriff’s Department has made 658 misdemeanor and 291 felony arrests.  With thorough investigation and hard work, drug arrests have also more than doubled compared to the preceding four years.  Over 70 percent of reported burglaries have been resolved, with much of the stolen property recovered and returned to its rightful owners.  The department has also removed 315 drunk drivers from Carroll County roadways to help keep our families safe. 

Before Walker’s election, the Carroll Montgomery Regional Correctional Facility was in dire straights.  The budget was in disarray, and it was even questioned whether payroll could be met.  After a change in leadership, the jail now operates well within its budget and has paid off all its debt.  The men and women who are on staff are well-trained and professional correctional officers.  PREA and ACA Accreditation audits have both attested to the jail’s success.

Walker credits the loving support of his wife, April Burrell Walker, and their children, for his being able to dedicate so much of his life to the service of his community. 

“April and our kids have supported me every step of the way,” Walker said.  “Politics is something we had never been a part of before.  We had a little bit of a learning curve in dealing with rumors and personal attacks, but we know that our family is stronger for it.  God is the foundation of our family.  He knows us, and He knows our hearts.  That is what keeps us going.”

The son of Rev. Johnny and Delores Walker, Walker’s strong Christian faith guides him daily in his job as Sheriff. 

“I am a witness for Christ no matter what my job is, or where I am serving Him,” he said.  “As sheriff, I have been given a platform to go to schools and churches around the state and tell them what God is doing in Carroll County and in my own life.  While I was honored to speak at the Mississippi Southern Baptist Convention Pastor’s Conference in 2017, I am even more humbled at how the Lord uses me daily while interacting with the public.” 

Walker continued, “Under the Lord’s leadership, I have done my best to deliver on each promise I made to you in my previous campaign, while being ever mindful of taxpayer money.  The men and women who make up our department are some of the most dedicated, courteous and professional law enforcement officers I have ever known.  With their help, we have fought against crime, lowered response times, resolved more cases, and tried to serve Carroll County with Christian morals and values as our guide.  I will try to see each one of you before the election, but if my duties prevent it, I humbly ask for your consideration and vote in the August 6 Democrat Primary.  God bless you all.”


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