Board votes to hire new school leader


After many special-called executive session meetings for the past five months since the announcement of the a new superintendent search, the Carroll County School Board decided on a new Superintendent pending the acceptance of the offer.

During their regular board meeting at the J.Z. George Band Hall, the board motioned in executive session to hire a new superintendent, whose name is not being made public as of yet, and to authorize Board Attorney Lori Bell to contact the Mississippi Department of Education who will then share the news with the candidate

However, until the person has accepted the offer, no name is being released. Now that school superintendents are now appointed, matters dealing with the employment of a superintendent is now handled in executive session as a personnel matter.

Back in April, the board voted to utilize the Mississippi School Board Association’s Superintendent Search to help find a new superintendent after going over what they needed to do to execute it on their own and realizing it was a bit daunting for them to undertake.

After applications closed in May, the board has worked tirelessly and have held several closed special-called meetings to discuss who they thought would be the best candidate for superintendent.

The current superintendent, Billy Joe Ferguson, will remain in office until the end of his term on December 31, 2019. The new superintendent will take over January 1, 2020. The board made their decision in executive session with Joann Malone, executive director for the Office of Accreditation who sat in the meeting with them.

Bell said when the board gives her the okay and the person accepts the position, the name of the new superintendent will be released.

Before the announcement, the meeting was mild with not much on the agenda.

The board:

*Approved the school activity fund claims for J.Z. George High School.

*Approved the change in the bus purchases from air brakes to hydraulic brakes

*Approved employee recommendations and salary changes.

Board member John Phillips asked Brett Reynolds if he could have a list of all new hires the board has done so far, in order to keep up with what positions are still vacant and what positions have been filled.

Phillips also requested a list of certified and non-certified teachers so that the board will know who they are, what they teach and where they are located.


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