ASEEDS purchases fountain for town, planning clean up


The Achieving Sustainability through Education and Economic Development Solutions (ASEEDS) Partnership will convene a two day conference: Acting on Climate Together: Making Duck Hill and Montgomery County More Resilient and Sustainable.

Shernell Everett addressed the Town of Duck Hill during their monthly meeting on Monday, July 8. She thanked the board for their continued support of ASEEDS and for the recent purchase of a fountain for their greenspace, created by the Duck Hill Creek Rangers.

She said that the group has continued to work to help improve the quality of life in Duck Hill. She said the group was planning to hold a two day workshop where citizens could voice their opinion about what they wanted to see as far as climate change.

Everett said Thursday, July 26, there will be a community clean-up day where members of the Duck Hill Creek Rangers will be picking up trash and they’re asking the community to come out and help.

Friday July 26, 2019, there will be a Strategic Stakeholders Forum: How Ready Are Our Communities for Climate Related Disasters? Examining the public policy landscape and planning for ACTION. Presentation of Duck Hill Draft Climate Action Plan. The CAP will become a part of the town’s revised 1975 Zoning Plan into a Livable Communities and Sustainability Plan.

Time: 10a -1:30p: Presenters, Alex Score and Lauren Lynch, Lead Scientists, EcoAdapt Who Should Attend: Elected/Appointed officials, Emergency Management Director/Staff, Extensions, Regional Economic Development and Planning, Regional Health Departments, Businesses, Farmers, Natural Resource Directors, Anchor Institutions (i.e. hospital administrators, community clinics, higher education) Non-Governmental Organizations, Media Outlets, Utilities Please RSVP by July 24, 2019.

Saturday July 27, 2019, there will be a Acting on Climate Together Community Workshop 9:00: Continental Breakfast 10:00 Workshop Begins Who Should Attend: Residents of Montgomery, Carroll, Grenada Counties any and anyone interested in making our communities more adaptable, resilient and thriving places to live, work, play and worship.

Everett said the workshop will be held at St. John M.B. Church Fellowship Center, 351 New Hope Road Winona. She said there will be a shuttle bus that will come and pick those who want to attend from the Duck Hill Gym and take them to the church.

According to a press release: “This year, Mississippi has experienced extreme flooding as the result of shifting weather patterns. Tornadoes are happening more frequently and fierce causing loss of life and property. Farmers are losing crops and revenues due to extreme flooding which means food prices will go up. The Time is NOW to Act on Climate by making our towns, villages and communities more adaptable and resilient. ASEEDS will present Duck Hill's draft Community Climate Action Plan to elected officials, strategic stakeholders and residents. We need your ideas and suggestions to make the plan more reflective of your needs.”


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