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CARROLLTON --- With Christy Noah’s resignation as Beat 5 election commissioner, a special election must be held to fill her unexpired term and someone must be appointed before the election to...

It’s not every day you meet someone that has lived a century or that can remember the earliest beginnings of a town, but Wardell Gunn has and he can.

Senator Lydia Chassaniol (R-Winona) will be recognized as the Women In Rotary Pat Fordice Community and Humanitarian Service Award recipient for service and positive promotion of Mississippi its...

With the Super Bowl just around the corner, party plans are underway. 

The Winona Christian girls team won two out of three contests this past week while the boys also managed to pick up a win.

Easy candy for Christmas


As a child, my sisters and I knew Christmas was soon approaching when Momma made her famous Haystack candy.  She would have the little clusters of candies covering every surface of the kitchen as they set, with a suspicious vacancy here and there from those Daddy would swipe as he strolled through the kitchen every 15 minutes to check her progr

Christmas in Carroll

The Antiquities Society finished decorating the Carrollton Courthouse and Merrill Museum last weekend.  Pictured: Betty Downs, Carrollton Mayor Pam Lee, and Snooky Lee make the finishing touches at the Merrill Museum.