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Mississippi Highway 17 South near County Road 23 is closed after the northbound lane collapsed following a washout.
CANTON — Carroll Academy fell just short of the Class 3A state championship on Saturday.
If you're like me, I'm always looking for a new breakfast recipe to share with my family. I love how easy casseroles are, and my family loves them.
Kay Slocum believes the power of prayer is what saved her son’s life and progressed his long road to recovery.
NORTH CARROLLTON -- Hunter Cole, who was master of ceremonies Saturday, Feb.

Let’s resolve to make the community even better

Every year at this time, I usually write about the hefty list of New Year’s resolutions I have saddled myself with, only to be disappointed a few weeks later.  This year, I’ve decided to issue a challenge to all of my friends, neighbors, associates, and readers to resolve to do more to improve our community – a challenge I am determined to do m