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Growing up, my Momma always made enough food to feed an army.  Her chicken spaghetti was a favorite, especially at the church’s potluck suppers.
WINONA – Businesses not following Governor Tate Reeves’ order to shelter-in-place are now facing the possibility of a fine until they comply.
A Winona man is currently in police custody following a shooting at a convenience store Wednesday morning.
To stop the spread of the Coronavirus, the Carroll-Montgomery Regional Correctional Facility has put guidelines in place for the safety of its employees and inmates.
Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, consumer fears of food and supply shortages have caused some people to horde items like toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and hand sanitizer.  It has al

WPD takes precautions amid COVID-19

The Winona Police Department will be taking extreme precautions during this time. Below are some of the preventatives we are taking to ensure the safety of our officers and the citizens of Winona.

Reports will be taken over the phone and not inside the Winona Police Department, unless an officer asks you to come in for a report.

Easy recipes to make at home


With schools closed and people trying to stay close to home, I have a feeling home cooking is about to make a comeback. 

Not everyone is a gourmet chef or even a great home cook, but some dishes are so easy, you just have to know how to follow directions. I thought I would share some easy, delicious recipes that everyone will enjoy.