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When children are in the third, fourth and fifth grades, they’re really starting to figure out what they want to do in life.  At Marshall Elementary, an ambitious group of third through fifth...

Walter Mitchell of Vaiden has announced his candidacy for the Beat 5 Supervisor Seat in Carroll County.  Mitchell is a veteran of the heavy equipment construction business and most recently...

Winona Christian students enjoy the first day of spring on their new playground equipment.

WINONA – An elderly man was rescued from a burning house by civilians working nearby, according to a fireman at the scene.

My sister, Deana Sexton, provides great support when it comes to writing this weekly column.  Eventually, my own recipes run dry, and she is always willing to send me her own recipes as well as...

Right now, a 12-year-old boy lies in a Jackson hospital as he heals from a vicious dog mauling last Friday in Montgomery County.

Board discusses Powell Street paving project


The Winona Mayor and Board of Aldermen have plans to pave Powell Street, from the railroad tracks on the east side of Highway 51 all the way to Barron Street, the south side of Barron Street to Dennis Street, Dennis Street from Barron to Cemetery Lane, and Cemetery Lane back to Powell.  This project will be paid for in part by $300,000 designat

Your local newspaper is important to every county


Each and every year, the staff at The Winona Times and The Conservative honor up-and-coming business leaders with our Top 20 under 40 awards.  With some help from the community, we select our 20 young leaders and feature them and their accomplishments in our annual Profile edition set to published at the end of this month.

From Momma’s table to yours


Springtime reminds me of my mother.  That is probably because the flowers are in bloom, and Momma loved cutting fresh flowers and creating beautiful arrangements around our home and at our church.  From last frost to first frost, there were always fresh flowers on our dining room table and on the alter at Eudora Presbyterian Church – lovingly h


Crews from C&C Tree Service and Carroll County Beat 2 remove trees from a bank that washed out last week during heavy rains.  A portion of Washington Street, from College Street, to the Carroll Academy gymnasium has been closed for safety precautions until the bank can be cleared.  Beat 2 Supervisor Terry Brown and the Town of Carrollton ar