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Santa and his elves ended the Carrollton/North Carrollton Christmas Parade with a big wave.

The J.Z. George Marching Band was a hit with the crowd in the Vaiden Christmas Parade.

Santa and Mrs. Claus rounded out the Winona Christmas Parade Monday evening.  The parade featured five marching bands, several floats, and various marching groups and vehicles. 

WINONA – The Christmas season in Winona doesn’t officially start until the annual “Lessons and Carrols” service at Immanuel Church.

My family is coming to Carrollton for Christmas this year.  I will apologize in advance for the noise.  My family doesn’t understand the term “inside voice.”

As a child, my sisters and I knew Christmas was soon approaching when Momma made her famous Haystack candy.  She would have the little clusters of candies covering every surface of the kitchen as they set, with a suspicious vacancy here and...