Town Earns Class 7 Fire Rating

Kilmichael Mayor Bobby Howell shared a letter with members of the Kilmichael Board of Aldermen and other town officials which stated that the Town of Kilmichael had achieved a Class 7 fire rating, effective March 13, 2018.

“We are very proud of this designation,” Howell said. “To reach this goal, we have done a number of things over the years such as improved our water supply and storage capacity, improved fire department records and most recently the acquisition of a newer fire truck. This truck will give us about 15 years of rating as required by the MS State Fire Rating Bureau.” 

Howell said the lower rating should benefit most of Kilmichael’s citizens with lower insurance premiums. The rate an individual may pay will vary from structure to structure, but Howell said the benefit is certainly is a step forward for the community.

“I would like to thank Fire Chief Dave Eldridge and the good group of volunteer firemen who serve,” Howell said. “I appreciate our police department and public works folks as well, who always assist when needed, and this is especially helpful in daytime fires. We hope that this Class 7 fire rating is helpful to many of our citizens.”