Tabor to Vie for Mayor Seat in 2021

Winona native J. Colt Tabor is announcing his intention to run for mayor of the City of Winona in the 2021 municipal election.

“My late grandfather, John M Tabor, Jr., known by most as ‘Johnny,’ was the owner of Tabor Brothers Auto Supply Company and Central Automotive Warehouse,” said Tabor.

His father, John Sr., was one of the original founders of Tabor Brothers, alongside his brother, R.W. “Buster” Tabor, who together were two of the original incorporators of the Merchant and Farmers Bank of Winona, as well as Tabor Motor Company.

“They made a tremendous impact on this town for the better,” Tabor said.

Having followed in the family tradition of retail and business management since a teenager, Tabor said he seeks to leave his own unique history. In addition to owning an e-commerce clothing business, creatively named Muddy Magnolia Apparel, he also wants to give back to the community— this time, as a public servant.

“Today, I am pleased to announce that in our next municipal election [in 2021], I will be seeking the office of mayor of the City of Winona,” Tabor said. “I believe I am well-suited for the position, and that I offer a break from the politics of the past, and a fresh vision for the future, ushering in a bold change for the overall betterment and growth of our city. That change starts at the top.”

He continued, “When Fannie Lou Hamer said she wanted to change Mississippi, I felt every ounce of that same passion in my heart. We start with our city — ‘The Crossroads of North Mississippi’ — and become a shining example of excellence in leadership.”

Tabor said one of his first acts as mayor would be to prioritize street repairs. “Improving our roads is one of the keys to true economic development and growth we desperately need. We must act to create an economically strong city. There is no reason the next generation of children should have to move away from the home community they love to find a decent-paying job.”

Tabor also said he wishes to cooperate with the towns of Kilmichael and Duck Hill, as many of their citizens commute to Winona to do business and work as well.

“Our growth and economic stability affect their livelihoods as well,” Tabor said. “They are our friends and neighbors.”

Tabor also said that as mayor, he wants to create a way for the city to collect public utility payments over the internet.

“If elected, we will also make it a priority to modernize the payment system for public utilities. I am confident this will not only result in the city saving money over time, but will make our citizens life a bit easier, while also reducing our carbon footprint from paper waste.”

Tabor acknowledged that some in the community have expressed concerns over his lack of previous experience.

“Although I may not have the same level of political experience as the current mayor, I do have leadership experience from my time in business management positions. More importantly, I have a vision for the city in which I love dearly, and with that vision I also have a passion to make it a reality,” he said.

“It is my prayer that you will trust in me to lead our city to a brighter, stronger, and safer long-term future. The execution of my vision for our city starts on day one of my term if chosen to be your next mayor.”

For any questions, J. Colt Tabor may be reached by cell phone at 662-440-0904.


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