Mims seeking sheriff’s seat

Jamey Mims of Winona has announced his candidacy for the position of sheriff of Montgomery County on the Democratic ticket and qualified for the race Wednesday.

“Montgomery County has given so much to me and my family, I want to give back,” Mims said. “This is the place I love.  This is my home.”

Mims, 51, has been self-employed for more than 30 years.

“I deal with the public on a daily basis,” Mims said.  “I can relate to people of all walks of life and have learned to be diplomatic and empathetic in assisting other people.”

The father of six children and grandfather of three, Mims said family is at the forefront of his life, and when deciding to seek the position of Montgomery County sheriff, he felt if elected he could ensure a safe community for his own family and families across Montgomery County.

“My kids and my grandkids are here,” Mims said.  “Making a better community and building a safe and secure environment for their futures and the futures of all our young people are the reasons I decided to run.”

If elected, Mims said he wants to develop strong partnerships with other law enforcement agencies, here in Montgomery County, in neighboring counties, and at the state level.

“Working together will only strengthen us,” Mims said.  “By working together, we can do more.”

Mims said he also wants to improve the law enforcement presence countywide as a way to deter crime and build relationships with the citizens, especially the county’s youth.

“I want to create a mentoring program with the sheriff’s department and the county’s young people,” Mims said.  “I love to work with young people.  I coached recreational sports for more than 18 years.”

Mims said he wants young people to look at law enforcement officers as role models, people to turn to when they need help or advice, and even friends.

“I’ve always been there for anyone who needed me,” Mims said.  “With all of the kids who grew up coming to my house with my kids and those I’ve coached, I’ve been a “daddy” to a lot of people.”

The current opioid epidemic is something Mims will make a priority if elected sheriff.  He said addiction affects so many families in this very community, and he would like to seek outside assistance from non-profit groups, other law enforcement agencies, and experts on the subject to strategically combat the growing problem.

Mims also wants to offer an open door and a listening ear to any citizen needing help.

“I want to be a people’s sheriff,” Mims said.  “I want anyone to be able to come and talk to me and express their concerns, offer suggestions, and seek help in whatever troubles they may be experiencing.”

As a longtime business owner, Mims said he wants to use his office in every way to assist county leaders in helping the county progress in toward a more prosperous future.

“I have always worked hard to get things done,” Mims said.  “I had to hustle my entire life, and I will take that same drive and work ethic with me to lead the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department.”

A graduate of Carroll Academy, Mims and his wife, the former Julie Campbell, have been married 32 years.  The couple are the parents of James Mims, 31, who is married to Heather Vaughn Mims with three children, Aubrey, Demi, and Sawyer; Justin Mims, 30; Jimmy Mims, 26; twins Joey and Jonah Mims, 22; and Jada Mims, 18.

“I am the right choice for the position of Montgomery County sheriff,” Mims said.  “I am young and hope to serve this county for many years.  I am in this for the long haul.”

Mims said he has already spoken with many citizens throughout Montgomery County about their needs and hopes from the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department.  He asked anyone who would like to speak to him and hear more about his plans to call him at 662-310-0038 or email him at electjameymims@gmail.com.