Local children get a course in ‘manners’


The use of manners, to some, is a lost art. The gripe of the older generation is that the younger generation doesn’t properly use manners and has no respect for others.

In correlation with the Winona Summer Feeding Program, Families First for MS hosted a three-week manners course for the students.

Field Educator, Haley DeNoon, taught the students about manners while in public, polite words, how to write a proper thank you note and table manners. At the end of the course they had a celebration meal to honor their hard works and participation in the classes.

During their meal, the students had to use the manners that they had learned, such as not to eat with your mouth full, not putting their elbows on the table, being respectful of those around you and being kind to one another. DeNoon had the students to tell one thing they learned in class.

Students said they learned to say “please,” “thank you,” “excuse me,” and to properly ask their teacher to go to the bathroom when school begins.

Neal Roberts said he thought the class was helpful and for him, it was a refresher course on things he already had been taught by his parents.

“I think it was a good thing,” he said. “And, I’m going to use my manners when I get to school and to help others.”


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