Suspect charged with shooting at deputy


A suspect accused of shooting at a Montgomery County Sheriff’s deputy is in custody after an hours-long ordeal Sunday.

According to Montgomery County Sheriff Bubba Nix, around 11 a.m. on August 26, 2018, the Montgomery County Emergency Operations Center dispatched the sheriff’s department to a home located at 2860 Highway 407 in Poplar Creek.  There was a report of shots fired inside the home owned by Margaret Bankston.

Deputy Calvin “Dooney” Young responded to the call, and when he approached the front door of the residence, the wood door was ajar and he could see a man through the glass storm door.  Nix said the man was loading a shotgun, and when he saw Young, he turned and fired one shot through the glass door at the deputy.

Young managed to get out of the way and suffered no injuries in the shooting.

Shortly after the shot was fired, Nix said three people who were inside the home with the shooter exited the front door, and Young got them to safety. 

Young radioed for backup, and other Montgomery County deputies arrived at the scene and set up a perimeter around the house to await the arrival of the SWAT team.

“I called in the SWAT team,” Nix said. “SWAT teams from the [Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics] and the Highway Patrol, along with [the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation] came.”

Nix said while they waited for the SWAT teams to arrive, he called on the landline at the residence and tried to get the suspect to pick up the phone by speaking to him through the answering machine.  However, there was no response.

“We didn’t know if he was still in the residence, or if he escaped out the back of the house,” Nix said.

Nix said when the SWAT teams arrived, they breached the residence, but the suspect was not inside.

As the investigation continued at the residence, the three people inside the house when the shooting occurred were taken to the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department where they were interviewed and then released.

“That evening, a brother of Margaret Bankston went to the house to check on her dogs,” Nix said.  “When he went inside, he heard a toilet flush and found the bathroom door locked.  Outside the house, he saw that the bathroom window was up.”

Nix said he and the deputies returned to the house to investigate.  Nix, who arrived first on the scene, drove his truck around the back of the house while deputies surrounded the front of the house.

“I got out of the truck and was going to search the house,” Nix said. “That’s when I noticed him going through the woods behind the house.”

Nix said he caught up with the suspect on foot and took him into custody without incident.  The suspect was not armed at the time of his arrest.

Nix said the suspect, identified as Kelvin Robertson, 48, of Poplar Creek, was charged with felony aggravated assault of a law enforcement officer and possession of a weapon by a convicted felon.

Nix said this was not the first time deputies were called out to the residence, but none were as serious as Sunday’s incident.

“We have visited [this residence} many times,” Nix said.  “We never had nothing like this though.”

Currently, Robertson is being held at the Grenada County Jail.  Nix said bond has not yet been set for Robertson, but he will appear before Judge Larry Bamberg tomorrow in Montgomery County Justice Court.


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