Overnight storms cause damage in Carroll County


Straight line winds from a severe thunderstorm have caused power outages and downed power lines throughout North Carrollton – closing schools, damaging some homes, and making it hard for the people and Carroll County Emergency Management Center director to get to work.

Carroll County Emergency Operations Center Director Gail Beard said several homes sustained some damage during the storm Wednesday night. Beard said in North Carrollton, a tree fell on part of a house and car on North Montgomery Lane, and trees have fallen on Williamson Street. Hoboken Street, and Mill Drive.  A house on First Street received some minor damage. She also said the recreational park also received damage.

This morning, Entergy’s power outage map showed there were around 500 people in North Carrollton without power. Beard said 4K, Shell-Go, and a beauty salon were all without power this morning.

“Most of it was in North Carrollton. There was a tree that fell on 17 Highway, three-quarters of a mile south. A truck driver and another lady ran into it before it was cleared. Their vehicles were messed up pretty bad, but thankfully no one was hurt and I haven’t heard of any injuries throughout this, so that’s a good thing.”

She said the awning at J.Z. George High School that stretches from the gym to school was toppled from wind. Beard said Carroll County Schools were closed today because there were trees down throughout the county.

“The county crew has gotten most of those, but with trees being a danger on the county roads, [Superintendent Billy Jo Ferguson] didn’t run the buses.”

Beard, who lives on Highway 82, said she was unable to get out of her driveway because of trees that were blocking it.

“A tree fell on my husband’s truck, and I’ve been stuck in the driveway, I can’t get out,” she said.

She said she hasn’t received any reports of rotation during the storm.

“It was just a severe thunderstorm,” she said.



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