Dam breached in southwest Carroll County


****UPDATE 10:59: Supervisor Claude Fluke said Highway 17 is closed South of Highway 430 at the Abiaca Creek bridge.


Three families living on County Road 165 near Black Hawk have been evacuated after the Murdock Lake Dam broke in two places Friday afternoon.

According to Beat 4 Supervisor Claude Fluker, he was contacted by the Carroll County Sheriff’s Department around 5:30 p.m. on Friday with news of a possible breach in the Murdock Lake Dam.  Fluker said he felt the breaks were due to more than six inches of rain that fell Thursday in the area.

“I don’t foresee any imminent danger,” Fluker said.  “The water is coming out of the breaks very slow. The water [level in Murdock Lake] has dropped one inch in an hour.”

NOAA reported roads that could be affected are County Road 165, Highway 430, and Highway 17.

Fluker said water from the break will eventually feed into Abiaca Creek which Highway 17 crosses just north of Black Hawk.  There is a possibility that Highway 17 will have to be closed if water coming from the breaks intensifies.

Fluker said when the breaks were discovered he spoke with Carroll County Emergency Management Director Gayle Beard and asked her to use the evacuation plan the county has in place for this type of situation.  As of 9:30 p.m. Friday, only three families have been evacuated on County Road 165, with the nearest residence downstream of Murdock Lake a half mile from the dam.

Murdock Lake is just south of Highway 430 and east of County Road 165 -- just over three-and-a-half miles southeast of Black Hawk.   The lake is around 45 acres, and Fluker said the dam is approximately 25 feet high.  The breaks are around seven feet from the top of the dam.

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