Stanton will seek 5th term

Longtime Carroll County Circuit Clerk Durward Stanton is seeking re-election to the post he has held since 2004.

“For the past 15 years, I have proudly served the people of Carroll County who put their faith in me to serve as their circuit clerk,” Stanton said.  “Whether working with Carroll’s citizens every day in the clerk’s office or representing Carroll County in various statewide capacities, I am diligent in performing my duties to the standards the people of Carroll County deserve.”

Since taking office in 2004, Stanton has successfully integrated all voters in Carroll County from an antiquated voter roll maintence system into the Statewide Elections Management System, a system that minimizes voter fraud by ensuring that no Mississippi citizen is registered to vote in more than one county. He has worked with the Carroll County Election Commission to successfully implement touch-screen voting, and held numerous hands-on training sessions within the county to ensure voters felt at ease with the touch-screen technology.

“Both in 2004 and in 2011, I worked alongside Carroll County supervisors, election commissioners, and the county’s E911 coordinators to place Carroll County on an E911 address system and integrated all Carroll County voters into the system so that no voters were disenfranchised by the changeover,” Stanton said.

To stay up-to-date on election technology and new policies and laws in Mississippi, Stanton faithfully attends all training seminars and courses offered by the Mississippi Secretary of State’s office and other state agencies that pertain to elections and voter roll maintenance.

“I attend Party Executive Committee Certification Training to both show support for Carroll County’s party executive committees and to ensure we all remain on the same page when it comes to holding successful elections,” Stanton said.  “I annually conduct in-depth training for our county poll workers to ensure they have all the tools needed to conduct successful elections.”

Stanton said of everything he has accomplished over the last 15 years, he is most proud of his work on elections.

“I have worked diligently with our Election Commissioners, our Party Executive Committees and our poll managers to conduct fair, impartial, transparent elections that all Carroll Countians deserve,” Stanton said.  “I can proudly say that during my 15-year tenure as your circuit clerk, we have never had a single election contest.”

Stanton also serves as the inventory clerk for Carroll County as part of his duties as circuit clerk.

Stanton is not only a leader on the county level, but he has held statewide office through the Mississippi Circuit Clerks’ Association since 2008.

In addition to serving the Association as President, First and Second Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary, Stanton has served as the Legislative Co-Chairman since 2008. 

He has also been appointed to serve on statewide committees and focus groups to improve elections for all Mississippians.  He was appointed by the Mississippi Secretary of State’s office to the Statewide Election Management System Focus Group and the Mississippi Voting Systems Advisory Group.  He was appointed by the Mississippi Supreme Court to serve on the Mississippi Justice Court Task Force, and he was appointed by the Mississippi Legislature to the Mississippi Election Law Reform Task Force.

Outside the office, Stanton is an active part of the community.  He is a member of the Carroll County Development Association, a member of the Mississippi Cattleman’s Association, and a lay pastor for New Salem Baptist Church.

He also served as the budget committee chairman for Leadership 82, a program designed to prepare citizens from all walks of life in Carroll, Choctaw, Montgomery, and Webster counties by giving them the skills needed to positively effect change in their local communities.

A lifelong native of Carroll County, Stanton received his Bachelor of Science degree in secondary science education and a master’s degree in Educational Leadership.

Prior to his service as Carroll County Circuit Clerk, Stanton taught biology, anatomy and physiology, chemistry, and physics on the high school level and was named STAR teacher five times.

He also coached basketball and was named the Girls’ Basketball District Coach of the Year eight times and was the All-Star Girls’ coach three times.

He also served as a school administrator for eight years.

Stanton also has experience in the manufacturing industry from serving as plant personnel manager and director of workforce training and safety coordinator for Viking Range Corporation.  In the industrial sector, he was appointed by Governor Kirk Fordice to the Governor’s Workforce Investment Board and served on the Mississippi Manufacturers Association Board of Directors and the Mississippi Delta Community College Workforce Development Board.

Stanton is the father of two, Jonathan Stanton and Ben Stanton, and the grandfather of Silas Stanton, along with four Ghanaian boys, Quesi, Atule, Godwin and Bismark, that his son Ben and daughter-in-law Rachael are raising .

“When I first ran for the privilege of serving as your circuit clerk in 2003, I ran promising that I would diligently work for ALL Carroll Countians, that I would honor the faith you placed in me by maintaining the integrity of the Circuit Clerk’s office, and that I would respect and treat EVERY PERSON who came into my office the same way I would want to be treated,” Stanton said.  “It is my daily hope and prayer that I have fulfilled all of those promises.  I am asking for your vote in the August 6 primary so that I can continue serving you.”