Noah running for chancery clerk

Christy Noah of Vaiden, longtime Carroll County election commissioner, has qualified to run for the position of Carroll County Chancery Clerk on the Democratic ticket.

“I am committed to this community and dedicated to progress,” Noah said.  “I think I’m the right person in the right season for the right reason.”

Noah said she is seeking the seat for several reasons.  First, she wants to work with the people of Carroll County to move the county forward toward a more prosperous future.

“Carroll County is a multi-million-dollar business with a budget of nearly $17.5 million, therefore it deserves a full-time chancery clerk,” Noah said.  “Carroll County employs roughly 140 employees, with basically 100 of them being full-time.   I have the experience and expertise in running a multi-million-dollar business that will help me to work with decision makers, potential industrial and commercial developers, and citizens to maximize the assets of our county.”

Noah said she would like to see the county capitalize on its strengths.  First, exceptional quality of life for families with low crime, a wholesome environment, and recreational opportunities for citizens of all ages make Carroll County a wonderful place to call home.

“Our recreational park in North Carrollton that George Johnson and the late Bonnie Wiggins were relentless in pursuing is an outstanding facility that represents Carroll well,” Noah said. “And it draws thousands of visitors to our county each year.”

With a new walking track going in at the park and the county’s two nature trails, one in North Carrollton and one in Vaiden, the county also offers healthy activities for citizens of all ages.

Noah said the county’s potential for economic development is vast with low property taxes and leadership willing to work with developers to make building a business in the county straightforward.  Noah cited the recent development of a solar farm locating in the western part of the county and said continued development around the Greenwood Leflore Airport located in Carroll County should be a priority to county leaders.

“I’m excited at the proposition of other areas where we can improve our county for its citizen – the shareholders, the taxpayers,” Noah said.

Noah said she wants to modernize the chancery clerk’s office to make it more accessible and user-friendly to Carroll’s citizens.

“If elected, the first thing I plan on doing is opening the office during the lunch hour,” Noah said. “With the office open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., citizens can visit the office at their convenience to handle business.”

Noah said her final goal is to create an office environment that operates at maximum efficiency.

“The concept of public service is huge,” Noah said.  “We need people seeking office who have public service at the forefront of their reasons for running for this or any position.  I want our county government working for you not against you. That includes using the county’s time in an efficient manner, giving back and being a part of the community it serves, and advocating for causes that will benefit the people of Carroll County.”

A graduate of Hinds Community College, where she pursued a career as a paralegal, Noah is now an entrepreneur in retail and timber.  For 12 years, Noah managed 80 employees for a multi-million-dollar business, where she gained extensive knowledge of accounting and bookkeeping skills.  In addition, she has more than 13 years of experience in dealing with wills, estates, trusts, and guardianships.

In 2011, Noah was appointed by the Carroll County Board of Supervisors as the Beat 5 Election Commissioner, and was elected to that position again in 2012 and 2016.  As election commissioner, Noah served as the Carroll County Election Commission’s secretary for six years, vice president of the Mississippi State Election Commission from 2015-2016, and as a board member for the Mississippi State Election Commission in 2017.

In 2018, Noah assisted Carroll County Circuit Clerk Durward Stanton in poll manager training and coordinated the first online Poll Manager training for Carroll County in an effort to ensure fair, impartial, and transparent elections in Carroll County.

“I want to take this opportunity to thank my constituents for voting for me for two terms; my co-election commissioners, April Neill, Ed Corder, Carolyn Summerville, David Burkhead, and our Circuit Clerk Durward Stanton for their continued support of my pursuit of other endeavors,” Noah said.  “They have been the best group with which to work side-by-side.  I also would like to thank our supervisors for their diligence in always seeking to improve our county, and to current Chancery Clerk Sugar Mullins, I thank him for his many years of service and commitment to our county and the people living here.”

For 20 years, Noah has called Carroll County home.  Married to Bobby Noah, whose family has deep roots in Carroll County, the couple shares four children –Tally Noah, Holley Noah Mitchell, Stanton Smith, and the late Jinx Peterson Smith, Jr. – and five grandchildren.

Noah is active in her home community.  She established the Jinx Peterson Smith, Jr., Memorial Foundation in 2012, in memory of her late son who died in a tragic car accident at age 21.  The foundation is used to provide for underprivileged children and vulnerable adults. 

She also serves on the Vaiden Cemetery Board.

“My son is buried here as well as my own mother whom I served as caregiver for two years prior to her death,” Noah said.  “It is important that we maintain the final resting place of so many passed but never forgotten members of my home community.”

As she kicks off her campaign for Carroll County chancery clerk, Noah wants citizens to know that she seeks the position simply with a desire to serve the community she loves and calls home.

“Our county deserves someone with humility, confidence, drive, and determination to be of service and make a difference in our community,” she said.  “I think this job is way more than just maintaining the status quo.”

Noah encouraged the citizens of Carroll County to research and ask questions of all candidates seeking election this year.  She plans to meet with many of those living in Carroll County over the coming months.  For those wishing to speak with Noah regarding her candidacy, plans for the chancery clerk’s office, or concerns facing Carroll County, Noah asked that she be contacted at by phone at 662-417-4929, by email at, or on Facebook at

“It would be my honor to serve the people of Carroll County as chancery clerk,” Noah said.  “I humbly ask for your consideration, your influence, and your vote in the Democratic Primary on August 6, 2019.”


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