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Citizen expresses concern over road
by Reggie Ross, Staff Writer
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When it comes to conditions of rural roads in Carroll County, county leaders weren’t backing down, and neither was Vaiden resident Jackie McKinney.

In her second appearance in as many weeks, McKinney came to the Carroll County Board of Supervisors for an update on conditions of County Road 27.

No action was taken on the matter of controlling litter and the county’s usage of herbicide to control vegetation in the Shongalo Community, but supervisors made an attempt to convince McKinney, those problems are not isolated to County Road 27. Litter and overgrowth is a problem all of Carroll County and Mississippi are experiencing.

McKinney and Beat One Supervisor Terry Herbert did agree to meet and attempt to find a solution.

The issue of the herbicide usage arose last week when McKinney informed county leaders that the vegetation was killed instead of being cut, and as a result soil on her property has eroded. Beat Five Supervisor Rickie Corley explained what the county used to control vegetation.

“We use Roundup and 24 D,” Corley said.

McKinney read a written summary of potential needs for County Road 27. The list consisted of ecological tests of the herbicide used, vegetation restoration, the installation of anti-litter signs and signs identifying Shongalo Village as the oldest settlement in Carroll County, and increased patrol and prosecution of those connected to dumping in the area.

Board President Honey Ashmore, of Beat Two, Board Attorney Kevin Horan, Corley, Herbert, all put in their reasons on the difficulty of giving this type of attention to the entire county, but McKinney said her attention was solely on County Road 27.

“I’m not asking for favoritism,” McKinney said. “I’m from Vaiden County Road 27.”

Horan told McKinney that a county the size of Carroll County, it would be impossible to place signs and give the kind of attention she requires.

“I’m from Grenada County, and Carroll County has three times more roads than Grenada,” Horan said. “It would be impossible to place signs at all areas. This is a rural county, and it has one of those rural county problems.”

As McKinney spoke on patrolling the area, she requested that Sheriff Jerry Carver pay attention to the hot spots where dumping occurs.

“I’m not up at three in the morning when these people are doing the dumping,” McKinney said. “We have to stop this dumping. There have to be signs put up warning these people about this, and that there will be fines issued.”

Carver said signs have been put up in the past and were torn down within weeks.

“I’ll assure you, this isn’t the only area that is affected,” Carver said.

Carrollton Community House

The board voted unanimously to assist the town of Carrollton with the replacement of the roof at the Community House in Carrollton.

The motion was made by Herbert and seconded by Corley to allocate $7,500 for the roof.

Last week, Carrollton Mayor Russell Wilson met with county leaders and shared with them problems of the roof, such as leaking and installation.

Some supervisors expressed their concern over money issues with the town. Beat Four Supervisor Claude Fluker said he would like to see a number of how much the county has helped the town. According to Herbert, around $40,000 has been given to the town over the past five years.

“I would like to see a monthly report,” Fluker said. “We’re looking at $40,000 in five years. I would love for them to show us itemized money on an annual basis.”

Sheriff to get raise

A motion from Fluker and a second from Beat Three Supervisor Marvin Coward voted to amend $6,500 on the sheriff’s department budget for the state mandated raise from all Mississippi sheriffs.

Last spring, the legislators passed a law on a pay raise for all 82 sheriffs in the state.

Sheriff Jerry Carver becomes one of 23 sheriffs in counties in Mississippi with populations of less than 14,999 that got at least an $18,600 raise to $75,000.

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