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Enjoying the crazy that comes with parenthood
by Amanda Sexton Ferguson, Editor and Publisher
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On July 8, I gave birth to a healthy baby boy, and oh, how life has changed.

Reynolds Dean Ferguson, or Dean as he is known, came into the world weighing 10 pounds and 10 ounces and was 22 inches long. So yes, he is a very healthy baby.

Monday morning I returned to the paper following six weeks of maternity leave, and I can't begin to tell you how much I missed being an active part of the community I love. Now I loved spending six weeks getting to know my precious son, but as I was recovering from a c-section, being homebound was not the most ideal situation for me.

I thrive on interacting with people, and by week three, when I was cleared to drive, I planned on keeping the roads hot lunching with friends I haven't seen in a while, baby shopping, visiting family in DeSoto County.

Then I realized it takes a while to recover from surgery, and you have to pack the entire nursery in the car to go anywhere. After getting ready to leave the house, I was so exhausted, I decided not to go out after all.

It has gotten easier, thanks to some great advice I have received from my "mommy friends." This morning, I only had to get up two hours early to get to work on time. However, I still pack everything in the nursery.

Over the years, I have watched friends and relatives go through the joys of child birth and later parenthood. I never paid much attention as I was focused on my career.

Then, in 2011, Keith and I married - and it was about time, just ask our parents - and began our life together. Just over two years later, we began our family, and as I went through nine months of crazy, I so wished I would have paid attention. Because on July 12, Women's Hospital in Flowood sent a five-day-old baby home with two 38-year-old parents who didn't know the first thing about babies. Seriously, Keith changed his first diaper the day Dean was born.

And Lord have mercy, it has been entertaining, well for those witnessing the spectacle that is Ferguson parenthood. I am sure I will be sharing a little of our crazy in the coming months.

So as a parent, here are a few things I have learned in the first six weeks:

• There is such a thing as love at first sight. The moment that baby was placed in my arms, I loved him.

• There is nothing sweeter than your baby sound asleep on the chest of your sleeping husband.

• The people Dean will call Grammy and Granddaddy are total strangers to me. Where in the heck are the strict, disciplinarians who raised me? You have never seen the ridiculous baby talk and arguing over who will hold him next.

• The cries of my own baby do not have the same effect as the cries of another's baby. Keith and I had the pleasure of flying back from our honeymoon in Jamaica sitting in front of three screaming kids - a several hour flight. I needed a support group when we returned to Mississippi. Dean's two hour temper tantrum - only mildly distressing.

• Regardless of how many children pitch a fit during church services, I am still mortified when mine does it. Last Sunday, Dean didn't make it through five minutes before letting loose one of his shrill screams. I ended up sitting in the Education Building for an hour entertaining him.

• If it weren't for my sister, Stephanie, Heather and Stan Rodgers, Sharon Kent, Blaine Kent and Becky Flowers answering every ridiculous question I toss at them during a frantic phone call or text message, I would never sleep a wink. Seasoned parents have insight no book can give us newbies.

• When I check on Dean while he sleeps fifteen times a day or night, I am not going overboard. From what I understand, every new mother is as neurotic as I am.

• New parents never eat a meal together. Keith and I have adopted a shift system.

• There are two things a parent can never do: Hold and love a child too much.

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